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(Video) How To Grow Food In Small Dark Places; Indoor Fodder System

Written by: Brenda Thrasher

The folks at the “Grow Your Own Groceries” website have a very interesting video out.  They have been getting questions from subscribers living in Canada asking how they can grow their own groceries living with low sunlight and small indoor spaces.  What options are there for small scale urban farming?  Well, here is one part of that solution.  Sherri Willis of Half-Pint Homestead has developed a system for growing micro-greens to feed both yourself and small livestock.  You can do this in an apartment, or as Sherri does, in a tiny house on a very shaded lot.

The “Grow Your Own Groceries” research center has just purchased and set up one of Sherri’s 6-tray fodder systems which they’ll use to feed rabbits and chickens.  Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of the project.

Watch the video above or click here!!

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  1. Pretty brilliant! Thank You Sherry!

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