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Vantablack: synthetic black hole-like material that absorbs 99.965% of light

VantablackWhat’s better than a Ninja?  A super black Ninja that not even light can escape.

Scientists have developed a new material called Vantablack.  It breaks all previous records for light absorption using carbon nanotubes (10,000 times thinner than a human hair).

Vantablack is as close as we’ve come to having a synthetic black hole.  This stuff is so dark that it absorbs all but 0.035% of light that hits it.  The human mind can’t even comprehend what it’s looking at.

Light (and therefore also shadows), do not appear on the surface of the material making it nearly impossible to see any features or shapes of whatever object that’s covered in it.  It’s sort of like looking into a black hole.  You can only see objects that are outside of it.  You can’t see what’s in it, what’s covered by it, what it’s shaped into, or what’s behind it.

Vantablack has been grown on sheets of aluminum foil, When crumpling the foil into small peaks and valleys, you can’t even make out the features in the dark material.  It just appears like a black hole on the foil.

Could Vantablack be the new stealth paint?

Surrey Nanosystems certainly must believe so, as they have their eyes set on the defense and space industries (They are not even allowed to discuss the potential military applications).  But there are even more practical uses such as increasing the effectiveness of astronomical cameras, telescopes and infrared scanning systems.

Ben Jensen, technical director of Surrey Nanosystems was quoted in The Independent as saying: “You expect to see the hills and all you can see … it’s like black, like a hole, like there’s nothing there. It just looks so strange,”

Applying Vantablack to the survival and preparedness industry.

Some uses that might come to mind right away

  • Bug Out vehicles
  • Tactical Gear, clothing and attire
  • Bug out shelter (if located in an already dark area)
  • Weapons

What uses for Vantablack can you think of?

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  1. Tim says:

    How about a coating for water or air heating containers i.e. solar shower or passive solar water heater.

  2. Darla White says:

    Can you paint roofing tiles with it to make solar energy collection more intense and durable than current solar panels are?
    Can you paint/cover/camouflage bug out vehicles, cabins, boats, backpacks, tents, camping equipment, hunting clothing and shoes, night-vision goggles and weapons?
    Make a blackout (spray paint) for windows and decorating, arts and crafts?

  3. Larry Rolan says:

    The perfect material for a concealed carry shirt. No printing! Then paint your firearm of choice. Even if you had it in your hand as long as your hand was on the shirt, no worries.

  4. Tim Cadwell says:

    Is it radar, or other radiation type absorbtive? How can it be applied?