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Author Archive: Leon Pantenburg

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Survival Gear Review: The High Tech Survival Slingshot

Survival Gear Review: The High Tech Survival Slingshot

Is a slingshot a valid survival tool? In some instances it might be, but you would need a good one.  Here we review the high tech Survival Slingshot. by Leon Pantenburg From grouse in the Idaho back country to squirrels in a metropolitan park, a slingshot  might be the most effective tool for gathering food. […]

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Review: The Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife

What are some of the attributes of a good survival knife? There are many things to look for, and popularity may be one indication. The best selling knife in the world is to Bear Grylls Ultimate survival knife – but does it live up to its sales statistics? Is this the best knife for your survival needs?

Survival Recipe: Squirrel Spaghetti

Have you ever had squirrel spaghetti!! Try this neat recipe.

How To Start a Fire With a Snowmobile

What would happen if you went snowmobiling, broke down, and forgot your survival pack? This article gives great advice on how to use your snowmobile to start a fire.

Six Types of Maps You Need For Emergency Urban Evacuation

Did you know there are six different kinds of maps you need to have for emergencies? This article explains each one of them for you.

How To Keep Children Safe In the Outdoors

This article has wonderful tips and ways to make sure your child knows what to do if separated while backpacking, hiking or camping.

How To Choose The Best Wool Pants for Winter Survival Clothing

One of the first winter camping items recommended to the Boy Scouts in our troop is wool pants. Here is how to pick the ones that will suit your needs best. by Leon Pantenburg After my first afternoon in the Confederate Army, I was ready to desert. Leading my list of complaints was the thick […]

Survive This: Overcoming Your Fear of the Dark

Overcoming your fear of the dark, before you land in a survival situation.

Wild Game Recipe: High Speed Venison

A quick, delicious, venison recipe when you are out hunting or camping.

Before You Buy a Gun: Here are some considerations

Excellent viewpoints on things you should think about before purchasing a firearm.