Disaster Experiences

[intro2]Have you been, or are you currently, involved in a natural or man-made disaster?  As part of our ongoing mission to teach others Self Reliance, we would like to give you the opportunity to share your story and hopefully help others learn more about preparing for disasters.[/intro2]

If you are/have been involved or are close to someone involved in a disaster, we would like to help you share your story!

We are especially interested in featuring stories about current disasters.  If you find yourself evacuated for any reason, we’d like to hear from you as soon as it happens!  In this situation, multiple, short (or long) updates are welcome.  Feel free to email us continually letting us know what’s going on!  We’ll get it published right away!

In addition to your personal experience, consider sharing:

  • What was it like to be told you had to evacuate?
  • Did you have a 72 Hour Kit/Bug Out Bag ready to go?
  • What did you take with you?
  • What did you leave behind that you wish you hadn’t?
  • Where did you shelter and did pre-arrangements help you establish that quickly?
  • What was your experience being evacuated for a period of time?
  • What other advice/lessons learned do you now have the experience to share?

Submission Guidelines

  1. Review the APN General, Submission and Content Guidelines for Guest Authors
  2. Please submit only factual accounts.  Third person (reporting someone else’s story) accounts are acceptable as long as they clarify that they are relating someone else’s account.
  3. Introduce your account with a link to a news story or other permanent internet link about the disaster you experienced.  This helps people understand what is being discussed if they are not familiar with the region or if they are reading the story a year later.
  4. Pictures help tell stories!  Please include at least one picture relevant to your experience along with your story.
  5. Foul language, anti-government statements and other disparaging remarks will be edited out before the story is published.
  6. While our audience is interested in personal stories, they are much more interesting and better received when they convey a teaching moment.  Please help us understand how your experience taught you or changed you.
  7. At the end of your story you may provide a short bio including linking to your personal website/blog.  You may also remain anonymous or use a handle/pseudonym if you chose.
  8. Submitted stories may be published on any of The APN’s various websites including State and National blogs and forums.

How to submit your story:

  • Review the Submission Guidelines above
  • Send your story via email to: stories@americanpreppersnetwork.com
  • Attach your story to the email or include it as the body of the email
  • Attach any pictures you would like included with your story
  • Be sure to include a short bio if you so desire

Thanks for being willing to share your personal experiences!

*The APN Editorial Staff will review each submitted story and edit it based on these guidelines and make a final decision on publishing.
*On rare occasion, we may choose not to publish your story.  If that is the case, we will inform you of that decision and the reasoning behind it.
*By submitting a story to the above address, you are expressly granting The APN and its affiliates permission to publish the story on their various websites as they see fit.

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