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[intro2]We love having our readers, members and friends provide us with outstanding content that we can share on our site!  If you’re interested in doing so, this page will tell you how.[/intro2]

Note: The following Guidelines can be summed up as this:

“We would love to publish your article for you, as long as it is respectful, polite, makes sense, is well written and appeals to our audience.”

The verbose and specific guidelines that follow detail the specifics of what that looks like for us.

General Guidelines and Policy

  1. Articles must be Original Works (something you wrote) and the copyright will become the property of The American Preppers Network (we support Creative Commons and allow re-posting with full attribution).
  2. Sending us an article implicitly grants The American Preppers Network the rights to post, reproduce or otherwise use the content submitted.
  3. Articles must be Unique – anything submitted to us should not be posted on other websites, blogs, etc.  While others may post your article and link to us, we must be the original source for the article.
  4. To be properly credited for your article, you MUST provide us with the bio and link information you want included.  (We will not go try to figure it out ourselves)
  5. Credit for the article will be included as part of the posted article (meaning it is included in the RSS Feed)
  6. Credit/bio may include:
    • Your Name (or handle/what you want to be called)
    • Your email address
    • A short (less than 50 words) bio describing yourself, your credentials, your background, whatever else you would like
    • A link to your website
    • Links to your social network accounts
    • A link to your APN Profile page
  7. If it is appropriate to your article (such as a product review), you may link to the product you are discussing with affiliate links that pay you, to your own website store that pays you or to other online stores whether they benefit you or not (you’re allowed to use links that earn you money if you want to)
  8. The APN Editorial Staff reserves the right to make final determination of whether any content will be posted on The APN
  9. The APN reserves the right to reject any content for any reason.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Statements of fact (meaning you are asserting something to be absolute truth) must be sourced to original, unbiased content on the internet.  Otherwise, such statements should be presented as opinion.
  2. When appropriate, link to outside resources to provide background information that your reader may need to better understand your article.  This makes it easier to present an article to an audience made up of skill and understanding levels from beginner to expert.
  3. Pictures help tell stories!  Every article posted on The APN MUST have at least one picture with it.  More is better as long as it does not impede the article itself.  You can include the picture in your article or send it as an attachment.  If you do not include a picture but we still post your article, we will provide a picture of our own.
    • You must source your picture. If it is your own, say so. If you found it on the internet, provide us with a link to it
    • Pictures must not be in poor taste (we reserve the right to determine what that means). We may ask you for a different picture.
    • Pictures of products, items being discussed, etc should clearly and fully show the picture. Don’t send us a picture of an item laying on your messy bed, surrounded by clutter, etc.
    • Make sure your picture is sharp and crisp – not blurry and hard to tell what it is
    • If needed, include a caption that describes what is in the picture.

Content Guidelines

  1. Foul language, anti-government statements and other disparaging remarks will be edited out before (if) the story is published.
  2. The APN is a Christian, Pro-American, Pro-Republic, non-Conspiracy Theory and Conservative PRIVATE Organization.
    • As such, we will not publish content that disparages those positions. (debate is allowed and encouraged as long as it is civil)
    • We do not publish or support Conspiracy Theories.
    • While we are a Christian Organization, we do not strictly promote Christianity or any particular Faith.  This means that we have no problem publishing Faith Promoting articles from non-Christian perspectives.  We also will not publish any content that disparages a particular religion.
    • We support the U.S. Government as a Republic under The Constitution as intended by the Founding Fathers. We support reform and repair of both. While we have our own opinions of many politicians, The President, Policies, etc we do not and will not publish anything that bashes, disparages or rants about them. We believe in reform through education and understanding.
    • If you are unclear about these positions, please refer to The Mission, Beliefs and Function of The American Preppers Network.
  3. The APN does not promote Preparedness based on “End of the World” scenarios.  We promote and believe in Preparedness as a philosophy for every-day life.  For more on this, refer to the 5 Principles of Preparedness.
    • This does not mean that we ignore or dismiss “End of the World” scenarios. By promoting Preparedness as a lifestyle and being prepared for Natural, Man-Made, Economic and other Disasters – every “End of the World” prep is covered.
  4. Experience is the best Teacher!  The next best way to learn is through the experience of others.  Present and promote the topic of your article based on your experience and lessons learned.  Share successes and failures – the many failures that lead to success are just as important as the successful experience.

 How to submit your story:

  1. Submission of any content to the following email address expressly indicates that you have read and understand the General, Submission and Content Guidelines above.
  2. Review the General, Submission and Content Guidelines above.  Make sure your article follows them!
  3. Send your story via email to:
  4. Attach your story to the email or include it as the body of the email
  5. Attach any pictures you are including with your story
  6. Be sure to include a short bio and credit information if you so desire

 Thanks for being willing to share your article with our readers!

Please note that it may take up to 2 or 3 weeks before your article comes up in our posting queues.

*The APN Editorial Staff will review each submitted story and edit it based on these guidelines and make a final decision on publishing.
*On rare occasion, we may choose not to publish your story.  If that is the case, we will inform you of that decision and the reasoning behind it.
*By submitting a story to the above address, you are expressly granting The APN and its affiliates permission to publish the story on their various websites as they see fit.

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